Real Estate – How Local?

Published June 23, 2014.Real estate in Canada is a highly regulated industry all the way from the federal level down to our local Comox Valley. Unfortunately many aspects of the real estate industry are not fully understood by the Canadian consumer. Canadian news headlines that discuss things like real estate bubbles in Canada or the prices of real estate in Canada are.

Real Estate and the Comox Valley

Published June 16, 2014.Real estate is very important to most Canadians. The significance of real estate in our lives stems from a variety of areas that span our local Comox Valley region all the way up to the national level and back down to the level that impacts us personally.

Comox Valley June 2014

Published June 8, 2014.As the Comox Valley rapidly approaches summer there is lots to do to be entertained and kept busy. The arts festival just wrapped up in Courtenay from the 4th to 7th of June with over 15 venues and 200 artists participating. Today, the Comox Valley Concert Band appears at Comox Marina Park.

So What is Happening in the Comox Valley?

Published June 4, 2014.The Comox Valley is increasingly seeing visitors come for a visit and then decide to relocate here to enjoy the superb quality of life. So what is happening in the Comox Valley as we rapidly approach summer 2014? Here are a few of the things to keep you occupied and interested.

Comox Valley Real Estate

Published May 18, 2014.
So what is Comox Valley real estate? It is about homes and properties for sale in the Comox Valley & quality of life in one of the more scenic parts of Canada…..More

Comox Valley Real Estate Home Curb Appeal

Published May 13, 2014.
One of the most important Comox Valley real estate things to address when selling your Comox Valley home is curb appeal. While I have read many Comox Valley real estate articles on home curb appeal over the years not all are useful. Why is that?….More

Comox Valley Real Estate Permits

Published May 5, 2014.
Comox Valley real estate permits apply to a number of different situations. For example, the Town of Comox Building bylaw applies to the design, construction and occupancy of new Comox Valley real estate buildings and structures, and the alteration….More

Comox Valley Real Estate May 2014

Published May 4, 2014.
This is the Comox Valley real estate May 2014 update. So what is happening in our Comox Valley real estate market? It is heating up. Over the past month sales have ….More

Comox Valley Real Estate Communications

Published May 3, 2014.
Effective Comox Valley real estate communications are vital to the home buying process. The introduction of “smart phone” technology in the early 1990s brought with it ….More

Comox Valley Real Estate Waterways

Published April 23, 2014.
One of the attractions of the Comox Valley is its variety of scenic waterways. The Comox Valley is bordered on the East by the Pacific Ocean fed Strait of Georgia. Throughout the valley there are a number of scenic Comox Valley lakes, wetlands ….More

Comox Valley Real Estate Changes

Published March 27, 2014.
At this time of the year the Comox Valley real estate market generally becomes more active. But what exactly does this mean and why is it important? If you are a home buyer or a home seller in this market ….More

Sellers – Know Your Home!

Published March 19, 2014.
Several recent experiences with Comox Valley home sellers prompted me to write a short article on selling homes in the Comox Valley. Why? Because some of these tips may make a difference in whether or not you are able to sell your home at all….More

Do Not Call a listing Agent

Originally Published July 13, 2013.
Shortly after the dawn of the information age in the 1970s, people’s appetite for more and better information increased. This trend continued with the introduction of the internet in the early 1990s. Today, buyers of real estate generally begin their searches online and many will ask for additional information on specific listings. A word of caution…More

Comox in the Summer

Originally Published June 8, 2013.
Comox is the second largest of the communities that comprise the Comox Valley. Often referred to as Comox by the Sea because of its proximity to the Comox Harbour and the Georgia Strait, it offers many different distractions during the summer. So what is happening in Comox By the Sea this 2013 summer?…More

So Why Hasn’t My Home Sold?

Originally Published May 25, 2013.
Recently, a fairly common question from home sellers in the Comox Valley real estate market is “Why hasn’t my house sold?” At the end of this week, I had these types of discussions with several sellers. After spending time explaining why this was the case, we jointly agreed to a plan and it was implemented. Four sales in the past few weeks is not that bad….More

Buyers Need Buyers Agents?

Originally Published April 18, 2013.
Real estate agents can represent you as either a buyer (Buyers Agents) or as a seller (Sellers Agents). In June 2012 the law changed in BC. So did the way that you could be represented by a real estate agent when you buy or sell real estate….More

Comox Valley – Thank You

Originally Published March 24, 2013.
Many people in the Comox Valley enrich our lives, and make them safer and more secure on a daily basis. But how often do we thank them? Especially the volunteers? Having worked alongside many Canadians and Americans who were never personally thanked for the sacrifices they made while responding to the 9/11 tragedy,…More

Comox Valley – Viewing Homes

Originally Published March 22, 2013.
A few people in the past month expressed surprise when I asked to meet them at the office after they contacted me for the first time and asked me to arrange a viewing of someone’s Comox Valley home for. Viewing any Comox Valley real estate such as a home for sale is a professional real estate service. There is a good reason for this…More

Social or Antisocial?

Originally Published March 17, 2013.
Technology is terrific when used at the right place, at the right time, and for the right reasons. Technology certainly has its place featured in my life, and it serves a very useful purpose in many different ways. For example, I certainly would much rather fly or drive to California than ride a horse….More