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My clients derive benefit from the use of my Private Client Services System that obtains information directly from the MLS ® system. The password secure login for this system is presented below. Following this form is an explanation of the MLS ® system.


Many people derive benefit from data derived from a Multiple Listing Service (MLS) but how many people really understand the service? The first MLS ® was established between real estate brokers on the basis of reciprocity. This is believed to have taken place in North America near the end of the 19th Century. One broker told the other that he would help sell his inventory if the other broker would help sell his. This reciprocity has grown over the years along with the network that connects them together. Not all MLS ® systems are connected and not all brokerages agree to reciprocity but many do. When a home is listed on an MLS ®, the listing brokerage generally will offer cooperating brokerages compensation to the one who brings a buyer to purchase the real estate that is offered for sale.


The MLS System Explained

It is interesting to listen to criticism about MLS ® systems. Most systems restrict access to those who pay for the development and ongoing maintenance of the systems. The real estate industry developed, grew, and maintained these systems so that they could more effectively conduct their craft. Today, real estate brokers and their agents pay fees to access and maintain these systems. Such systems are not unique to the real estate industry. Many companies develop and maintain systems to enable them to sell their products and services more effectively. Most companies restrict access to their systems on the basis of confidentiality and some of what is contained in the systems is proprietary information. What is different? Most companies do not share these systems with their competitors. The real estate industry does. The system that is used on this website for a home search is linked into the one that other brokerages use. Brokerages from different companies are competitors but many agree to cooperate to more effectively buy and sell real estate. Why should people who are not part of the industry have free access to what is in the systems that the industry has built and pays to operate and maintain?


Some access is granted to the public free of charge. Websites like are fed data from MLS ® systems. So are the two systems on this website. After doing a search if you still need more information, contact Brett for assistance. Not all data is released on publicly accessible sites for a number of different regulatory and business reasons.


Also important to understand is that the MLS ® is just a database. Many different databases in the province have information on specific properties and real estate agents use many of them to provide the services that they do. Most of the databases charge a fee to access the information. BC Online is but one example. Having a home listed on the MLS ® of a particular real estate board does not get it sold. Real estate agents undertake the work necessary to do this through the services that they provide. They provide professional services to people in expectation of getting paid when a real estate transaction completes. The service sector in Canada accounts for nearly 70% of Canadian employment and the real estate industry is one of the 15 major sectors that comprise the service industry.


While many people today start their home search online, there are many different tools that they can use. Finding out what is available is only the basic starting point.


Start By Searching the Comox Valley MLS Online

Buyers can search Comox Valley MLS ® listings from the home page of this website, and obtain basic information on what is on the market. You will get better information from this home search capability than if you simply google “search mls comox valley”. Want more? Serious buyers can get more detailed information by performing a more detailed MLS search of Comox Valley homes and properties that are listed on the MLS ® system. To do this you will need to obtain a user name and password to use the Private Client Services password-protected portion of my website. This is one of the many services that I pay for and that I offer to my clients. This access offers a number of advantages that include the following:

1. You can search Comox Valley MLS listings ® to obtain more detailed information on any Comox Valley home or property listing found during your basic search.
2. You can perform a more refined search than a mere google search because you can set additional search parameters with access to this system.
3. You can obtain more information on all Comox Valley MLS ® listings.
4. You will receive regular email updates when new listings come on the market that match your search criteria.


Want to buy or sell and want to know more? Contact me and let’s discuss how I can help you with your home search and with the purchase or sale of your Comox Valley home.