Comox Valley homes luxury at Christmas

For most people the term luxury is quite relative. A luxurious surrounding to one person may not be to another. There are a number of reasons for this. First, it often depends what one person is used to experiencing relative to another. Second personal taste is often a discriminator. Also having a bearing on the overall perception created is what is important in life to any particular person. Since we are all individuals it is only natural that our tastes, priorities and our experiences will combine differently for each and every one of us.

The all of the best luxury homes listings in the Comox Valley real estate market is no different. What appeals to one person may not appeal to another. When it comes to luxury homes, location is very important to many people. A stunning home with high quality finishing may lose some of its appeal if is located in the wrong area or an area that is too far away from the necessities of day to day life. Living in a million dollar oceanfront home with spectacular ocean and mountain views loses some of the appeal to people who do not want to drive 20 minutes to town just to get milk and eggs. Nest to location, layout is one of the most sought after aspects of a luxury home. An open concept is a term used by the majority of buyers. However, what is open to can be tied to things like ceiling height, the proximity and access to major rooms like the great room, kitchen and living room.

First impressions are also often either compelling or a turn off to people looking for a luxury home. What impression is created by the drive up to the home? What impression is created when a person enters the home? Is a welcoming feeling generated? What generates the feeling? Is it an abundance of natural light in the home? Is it a large airy space inside the home when one first enters it? Is it the paint colours and tones? Is it the intricate finishing details? Is it all of the above?

When Comox Valley home buyers are asked to describe what they want in Comox luxury homes some are very good at painting an accurate picture. Luxury is often a feeling that is generated but is can also be related to function and craftsmanship. The challenge is putting it all together and being able to describe it ensemble to another person so that your Comox Valley realtor can help you find your next high end home.

Christmas is fast approaching and the high end homes for sale in Comox is sluggish at this time of the year. New listings are way down compared to the peak summer months but there still are some great luxury homes available. The list to sell ratio of the high end property market in our region dwells in the 10 to 20% range in most years. This means that most of these homes do not sell in a specific year, not because there is anything wrong with them but because they are simply out of reach of most Comox Valley home buyers. So if you are looking for Courtenay luxury homes you may be able to find what you are looking for at prices that are far less than the mainland Vancouver area. Perhaps it is time to contact Brett and take a serious look at finding your next luxury home in an area that offers quality of life that is unrivaled in most parts of Canada.

is a Realtor with REMAX Ocean Pacific Realty and he goes Above & Beyond for clients to meet their real estate needs. Brett is also active informing and updating people on the Comox Valley luxury homes market. His office is located in the town of Comox in the Comox Valley region of Vancouver Island.

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