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View Comox Valley luxury real estate listings on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The Comox Valley features many high end luxury homes and properties. Luxury real estate listings are more commonly found in this part of Vancouver Island than what most people expect. On any given day, it is possible to find more than 200 homes and properties that fall into this category. They often include most styles of home and they can be found in urban and rural areas. When you need a home that is a cut above most, you are likely to find one here. What follows are the homes currently for sale above $500,000.

Comox Valley Real Estate Market History

The Comox Valley has a rich history dating back more than 85,000 millennia but its real estate market is barely a century and a half old. Sir Francis Drake made reference to landing, in 1579, in "New Albion" which is argued to be the area we now call Comox in the Comox Valley. Our real estate market had its origins in the 1860s when the Governor of the British Colony of Vancouver Island offered land for $1 an acre to anyone who relocated to the area.

The first new inhabitants settled in the Comox Valley in 1862 to being farming. To improve access, the Comox wharf was built in 1874, a connecting road from the south was constructed in 1910, and the E&N Railway connected Courtenay to the south in 1914. The City of Courtenay was incorporated in 1915, and the airfield at Comox was opened as a Royal Air Force Base in 1942. A year later it was taken over by Royal Canadian Air Force Station Comox. The Town of Comox was subsequently incorporated in 1946. Over the past 150 years pioneer farming, logging and fishing was eventually supplanted by business, tourism, recreation, and a rich cultural scene. These four economic generators, combined with the local spending impact of the base, currently fuel the local economy. All of this activity takes place against a backdrop of some magnificent local scenery, and one of the most temperate climates in Canada. This is the Canadian oasis we call the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island. Today the Comox Valley offers most types of homes imaginable. The following short video provides a sense of the types of homes available in the Comox Valley.

Comox Valley Real Estate Market Listings and Homes for Sale

Comox Valley real estate listings are processed by the Vanouver Island Real Estate Board (VIREB) which began operations in 1951 but did not adopt its current name until 1959 when operations spread to the north island. The Multiple Listings Service (MLS) started in 1966. In 1986, VIREB adopted the Code of Ethics and Standards of Business Practice of the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA). Real estate listings on the current multiple listing service date back to 1990. Online listings began in 1995. Mandatory continuing education for real estate agents began in 2005.

Real estate prices and sales peaked in our region in 2007. This banner year was followed by a dramatic reduction in the numbers of home sales in 2008. The subsequent four years experienced turbulence, reduced sales, and falling prices. As we worked our way through 2013 and 2014 prices bottomed. During the spring and summer of 2014 homes sales rebounded to their highest point since 2009. While we have not yet climbed back to the highs of 2007, we are poised for a good 2015 for both home buyers and sellers.

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