Once you leave the City of Courtenay and the Town of Comox, you enter more rural areas of the Comox Valley. Each area has its own charms and features. The Comox Glacier and Comox Peninsula are two of the more prominent landmarks. Some of these areas are close to the ocean

The villages of Cumberland, Royston, Union Bay, Fanny Bay, Bowser, Merville and Black Creek dot the landscape of rural Comox Valley. The following videos are provided to give viewers a sense of these rural areas.

The Village of Cumberland is a growing incorporated municipality of about 3500 people

The Seaside Hamlet of Royston is home to about 1500 people.

Union Bay is a small community about 15 kilometers south of Courtenay and is home to about 1200 people.

Fanny Bay is a small hamlet of about 800 people located on Baynes Sound about 25 minutes south of Courtenay

Bowser is located by the south end of the Comox Valley just past Deep Bay. It is home to about 1600 people and is located in an area known as Lighthouse Country


Merville is an unincorporated community of about    people located about 15 minutes north of Courtenay.

Black Creek is a small rural community located about 25 minutes north of Courtenay