So you have just decided to sell your favourite high end luxury home but does it present well? Does it appear up to date? Is it in good condition? Do the home’s best features stand out? Does the home have an inviting appeal and does it generate a positive impression and great first impression when viewed through the eyes of potential buyers? If the answer to any of these questions is NO, what do you do? One option is to engage someone to come into your home and take a look at what can be done to spruce it up and stage it so that it does.

House or Home

First of all, start to detach yourself emotionally from your luxury home. As a homeowner, you likely have emotional ties and emotional investments in your home because you made it yours. Now that you have decided to sell it, begin thinking of it as a commodity – a house – for sale. Decisions related to its sale should be business decisions and made as objectively as possible.

Declutter and Depersonalize

When houses are presented to sell it is important to declutter and depersonalize them. Get rid of clutter and then remove as many personal items as you can. The more neutral a house appears, the more appealing it may be to the majority of buyers. Buyers want to view the house that is for sale. They want to visualize what their things will look like in it. They should not have to look past clutter or through the lens of your personal items to do this. Make it easy for them.


While it is true that everyone’s standard of cleanliness varies, it is generally universally accepted that clean is better than dirty. A clean house always shows better than one that is not. To many buyers, a clean house is one that has been loved. An unclean house can have the opposite effect. If you do not have time to clean it hire someone who does. Clean is essential for a house to present well

Fix and Paint

The condition of a home is tied to the cleanliness of a home. A well maintained home always presents better than one that has not been maintained. Fix things that may be broken. A fresh coat of paint can do wonders when a home has been well lived in.


A clean and well maintained home may still need help. How rooms and living spaces are organized and utilized is also important. This applies to floor space, wall space, and three dimensionally within each living space. Some people have knacks when it comes to effective and efficient organization. Get their help is this is not your strong suit.


In today’s world many oceanfront homes with views of mountains buyers are looking for move in ready and up to date homes. Renovations may not be a realistic option for some sellers or their budgets but decorating a home with the right touches can make a huge difference to the appeal and impact of a house. Grandma’s bedspread and drapes may be comforting to grandma but they may have no appeal to younger buyers. A few modern touches to important living spaces can jazz up a house substantially at minimum cost.

When you list your home with the Cairns’ team, you have access to help preparing and presenting your luxury house for sale for the best impact and price. Why not aim high and contact Brett Cairns of RE/MAX Ocean Pacific Realty to stage your luxury homes to sell?

is a Realtor with REMAX Ocean Pacific Realty and he goes Above & Beyond for clients to meet their real estate needs. Brett is also active informing and updating people on the Comox Valley luxury homes market. His office is located in the town of Comox in the Comox Valley region of Vancouver Island.

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